Sha Wujing (Character) 沙悟淨

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Sha Wujing, Sandy
Name Sha Wujing
Other Names Sandy
Sha Seng
Sand Monk
Sand Demon
Titles Golden-bodied Arhat
Gender Male
Home Flowing Sand River
Masters Tang Seng
Fellow Apprentices Sun Wukong
Zhu Bajie
White Dragon Horse
Apprentices Third Prince of Yuhua Kingdom
Former Name Curtain-Lifting General
Former Position Heaven General
Weapons Moon Tooth Spade
Powers 18 Transformations
Appearance Journey to the West

Sha Wujing Photos:

Zhou Yixuan as Sha Wujing in A Chinese Odyssey Part Three (2016)

A Chinese Odyssey Part Three Movie Poster, 2016 Chinese film

Him Law as Sha Wujing in The Monkey King 2 (2016)

The Monkey King 2 Movie Poster, 2016, Chinese Film 

Elvis Tsui as Sha Wujing in Journey to the West (2011)

Wu Yue

Mou Fengbin as Sha Wujing in Journey to the West (2010)

Journey to the West Poster, 2010, Sun Wukong

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