Queen Mother of the West (Character) 西王母

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Queen Mother of the West
Name Queen Mother of the West
Chinese Name 西王母
Other Names Xi Wangmu
Western Mother
Golden Mother of the Shining Lake
Gender Female

Queen Mother of the West Profile Details

Home Jade Palace
Kunlun Mountain
Spouse Jade Emperor
Children Eldest Fairy
Second Fairy
Third Fairy
Fourth Fairy
Fifth Fairy
Sixth Fairy
Seventh Fairy
Eighth Fairy
Weaving Maiden
Apprentices Goddess of the Nine Heavens
Pets Green Birds
Affiliations Heaven Court
Appearance Cowherd and Weaving Maiden
Eight Immortals
Fairy Couple
Ji Gong
Journey to the West
Legend of the White Snake
Lotus Lantern
Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio
Zhong Kui

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